Broad Street Beard Co., Philadelphia's Charitable Beard Care company, loves to connect with people that are moving, shaking, and engaging with their community. 

Here are some excellent people who are not only a part of our ambassador team, but are an extension of the Broad Street Beard Co. family. 


Pete "Pistol" Achuff 
IG: @Pistol1323
LinkedIn: Peter Achuff



My name is Peter Achuff, I'm the youngest of 5. I am a small business owner, having founded PJA Services in 2016. I'm part of one of the greatest brotherhoods, the Bearded Villians. I am an uncle of 11 wonderful kids and engaged to my beautiful Melissa. I believe in giving back to the community as much as you can, and therefore founded a Facebook group called Delco is Hiring which is meant to find local people jobs. It's up to 6k members and growing daily! I love being a ginger and having a glowing luscious red beard.

Josh Griffith




Josh is a drug-free competitive powerlifter from the Philadelphia area.  He is married, and is the proud father of Avery, a CHOP Cardiology baby who, thanks to them, now has a strong heart.  Josh will be competing in the Philly Fit Expo in April.  His current personal best lifts are: 705 lb squat, 450 lb bench, and 744 lb deadlift.  Pictured is a 640 lb deadlift from recent training.